HNWC director, Cheryl Isaacs, resides in Bellingham, WA. In 2006 Cheryl became a Sweet Adelines International Certified Director for the chorus. She has been an active member of Sweet Adelines since she joined Bellingham’s North Sound Chorus in 1990, and was their director from 1993 until 1996.

What keeps Cheryl going and involved with Sweet Adelines is the thrill of performing before a live audience. Sweet Adelines is an international singing organization known for its a cappella barbershop style of music. Cheryl has been a member of the Regional Management Team as the Directors Coordinator, and has sung in the quartet, “Bayview Sound”.

Sweet Adelines has provided Cheryl with many opportunities to make acquaintances locally, nationally and internationally. She and her daughter, Erika, traveled to England and Ireland on a singing tour with a Seattle area chorus a few years ago. She still keeps in touch with a Finnish chorus after having traveled to Finland in 1999 with her husband on a tour with the Mount Baker Toppers, a local men’s barbershop chorus.

“Over the years, directing has been a very engaging and skill-building hobby,” says Cheryl. “Classes from top-notch judges, directors and coaches have helped me to build my skills and then pass them on to our chorus. I look forward to every week’s rehearsal, as it always brings new challenges and successes and the chance for us to polish our repertoire for a performance.”