Q: Who is eligible to sing with your chorus?   A: Individuals who love to sing and perform.

Q: What IS your style of singing?  A: We sing four-part harmony, a cappella, in the barbershop style (which simply means "very close harmony")... it's the style that puts the "goosebumps" on your arms or down your back when you hear it. We sing a variety of music, and we always have fun!

Q: Do I have to be an accomplished singer? A: No, If you can carry a tune, match pitches and harmonize. We'll work to teach you the rest.

Q: Do I have to know how to read music?  A: No, several of our members do not read music. We have learning tracks on CDs and our members and director will help you learn.

Q: Do I have to audition to become a member? A: Yes; however, we make it as "gentle" as possible and help you through the process. You do not have to sing a solo, but we help you learn to sing in a quartet situation just to see that you are capable of carrying your part... and, no, you do not sing in front of the whole chorus.

Q: Where do your members come from? A: Our members come from Northwest Washington from Snohomish to Whatcom County. Members of any age are welcome.

Q: Can I visit one of your rehearsals? A: Absolutely. Our rehearsals are always open to visitors.



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